Conférence Younes Hamed - Séminaire IAST.

Lundi 19 mars 2018 à 10h00

A l'Auditorium de l'IAST

Président de séance: Dr Tayeb Bouima


Pr. Demdoum Abdeslem

Dr. Benmarce Kaddour


 1. Global Environmental Change

 2. The most important threats of climate change in

    North Africa

 3. Major projects to mitigate climate change

 4. Some of the ideas to protect the environment from

    climate change

 5. Agricultural practices for adaptation and mitigation of

    climate change

 6. Global Strategy green economy

 7. The technological advances in the field of agriculture

 8. International collaborations (Tunisia and Algeria)


Bref CV

Dr Hamed Younes

Maître de conférences en Géologie à l'université de Gafsa


* Fonction : Associate Professor A at the Earth Sciences department

(Sciences Faculty of Gafsa-Tunisia).

* Research Master coordinator "Sedimentary Basin" in Sciences Faculty of Gafsa.

* 2001-2018 : Educational experiences in education.

* 2016 : President of the International Association of Resources Water in the Southern Mediterranean Basin.

* 2016-2017 : President of the International Symposium of   « Water Resources and Environmental Impact Assessment in North Africa ».

* 2015 : International trainer in climate change (UNESCO-France).

* International impact Factor (ResearchGate) : (RG Score = 23.79///h-index=13).

 Research interests

* Hydrogeology and hydrology studies ;

* Modelisation of aquifers (SIG, Global mapper, Teledetection…) ;

* Adaptation of water management (surface water and groundwater) ;

* Climate Change Group on precipitation, surface water and groundwater (quality and quantity), soil and sediment ; * Earth System Science (isotopic geochemistry, hydrochemistry, geothermy, Environmental earth…) ; * Irrigation research (artificial recharge…); * Salinisation of water (saltwater, seawater, groundwater…).

Some Publications (scientific papers/Book*)

Younes Hamed, Riadh Ahmadi, Abdeslam Demdoum, Imed Gargouri, Salem Bouri, Hamed Ben Dhia, Samir Al-Gamal, Rabah Laouar, Abedjabar Choura: Use of geochemical, isotopic, and age tracer data to develop models of groundwater flow: A case study of Gafsa mining basin- Southern Tunisia. Journal of African Earth Sciences.

Abdeslam Demdoum, Younes Hamed, Moncef Feki, Rihab Hadji, Mounira Djebbar. Multi-tracer investigation of groundwater in El Eulma basin (North western Algeria)-North Africa. Arabian Journal of Geosciences.

Younes Hamed, Riad Ahmadi, Rihab Hadji, Naziha Mokadem, Hamed Ben Dhia, Wassim Ali. Groundwater evolution of the Continental Intercalaire aquifer of Southern Tunisia and a part of Southern Algeria: use of geochemical and isotopic indicators. Desalination and Water Treatment Journal.

Younes Hamed, Sadek Awad, Amina Ben Sâad. Nitrate contamination in groundwater in the Sidi Aïch-Gafsa Oasis region, Southern Tunisia. Journal: Environ Earth Sci.

Younes Hamed, Ferid Dhahri. Hydro-geochemical and isotopic composition of groundwater and meteoric water, with emphasis on sources of salinity, in the aquifer system in Northwestern Tunisia. Journal of African Earth Sciences.

Naziha Mokadem, Younes Hamed, Amina Ben Sâad, Imed Gargouri. Atmospheric pollution in North Africa (Ecosystems-Atmosphere interactions): a case study in the mining basin of El Guettar-M'Dilla (Southwestern Tunisia). Arabian Journal of Geosciences.

Younes Hamed, Samir Anwar Al-Gamal, Wassim Ali, Abederazzak Nahid, Hamed Ben Dhia. Palaeoenvironments of the Continental Intercalaire fossil from the Late Cretaceous (Barremian-Albian) in North Africa: a case study of Southern Tunisia. Arab J Geosci. *

Younes Hamed. The hydrogeochemical characterization of groundwater in Gafsa-Sidi Boubaker region (Southwestern Tunisia). Arab.J.Geosci.  

Al-Gamal SA and Younes Hamed. Water Resources of African Circum-Sahara Sub Region (Renewable and Non-renewable Approach). J Geol Geosci 2014, 3:6

Younes Hamed, Moncef Zairi, Wassim Ali, Hamed Ben Dhia. Estimation of Residence Times and Recharge Area of Groundwater in the Moulares Mining Basin by Using Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes (South Western Tunisia). Journal of Environmental Protection, 1, 466-474.

Samir Kamel, Younes Hamed, Najiba Chkhir, Kamel Zouari. The Hydro geochemical Characterization of Ground Waters in Tunisian Chott’s Region. Environ Earth Sci. Vol: 53(5) December 2008”.

Younes Hamed, Belgacem Redhaounia, Amina Ben Sâad, Rihab Hadji, Farid Zahri, Karim Zighmi. Hydrothermal waters from karst aquifer: Case study of the Trozza basin (Central Tunisia). Journal of Tethys: Vol. 5, No. 1, 033-044;

Younes Hamed « Water Resources And Environmental Impact Assessment In North Africa ». ISBN-978-3-330-87577-7.

Younes Hamed « The blue Gold and the climate change in Tunisia» - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-50823-9.

 Publications (National and International symposium)

* 102 participations in international conferences (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, France, Spain);

* 25 participations in national seminars (Sfax, Gabès, Gafsa, Mjez El Bab, El Kef, Jendouba…).

Supervision of graduate students

* 15 research master; * 07 thesis doctorate (Tunisia, Algeria and South Africa).

International projects

* Member in international projects (ClimAdapt, PHC, CMCU…) “Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy, France….” * Member in national projects (private offices).